About us

KRAJ Company.
Our offer is addressed mainly to industrial technical services wishing to prolong periods between repairs, interested in facilitating and streamlining the repair by work brigades, with a particular focus on costs. To improve the quality of our services and most accurately meet your requirements, in addition to offering the content, we also provide repair services as well as technical advice at all stages, starting from the design stage, through the repair, including the operating and service.


We have many years of experience and rich engineering expertise, what is supported by the information from our business partners. We decided to use the development of materials science and technology seals in the world for the production of polish industrial sealing systems.

As a manufacturer of industrial seals and packing and a producer of chemical resistant and maintenance materials, we introduce unique products (including products protected by patents) that limit the costs of maintenance, operation, repair, and the costs of downtime in production to the effective minimum.


For the repairs of machines and equipment we use our own products as well as 3M Composites (formerly UNIREP products – THORTEX). The acquired experience in applications we use to continually improve our engineering staff, to be able to offer you, in addition to the materials, the complete technology systems of optimal use of polymeric materials.

This concept made it possible to perceive us as a company taking full responsibility for the material, technology and construction.We are very pleased that many companies have bestowed their trust in us as a reliable partner in the field of seals and repair and overhaul industry.

We hope that the information contained herein will meet your expectations and will be the basis for further detailed discussions on the form and terms of cooperation.