A composite is a material made of two or more components with different properties. It is divided into a matrix and the dispersed phase (reinforcement). The matrix is responsible for such properties as elasticity, cohesion, hardness, resistance to compression.

Kompozytowe zabezpieczenia antykorozyjne KRAJ

Corrosion protection by KRAJ

The dispersed phase is responsible for most of the mechanical properties. The resulting material has a new and better properties than either of the components alone.


  • Possibility of repair, regeneration and protection of machinery, equipment and buildings
  • Ease of introducing structural changes to existing structures as an alternative to high temperature technology
  • Great freedom of design
  • Increase corrosion resistance
  • Increased resistance to abrasion compared to conventional technology
  • Reducing time of repairs
Naprawa maszyn i urządzeń kompozytami KRAJ

Repair of machinery and equipment with composites KRAJ

KRAJ company is a manufacturer of the composites, as well as a distributor of composite brand Scotchkote (formerly Thortex) 3M.

Regeneracja zaworu kompozytami KRAJ

Regeneration of pipe with composite laminates KRAJ