Burners of pulverized coal coated with KRAJ ULTRA

KRAJ ULTRA 2160 is a material designed by the company KRAJ for excessive wear of flow systems, with highly wiping media. It is classified as low-temperature ceramic matrix of high-quality binder and aggregate. As a result of modification of reactive powders and polymer additives transition zone between the matrix and the aggregate corundum obtained strength of 160 MPa. Mortar is used with high-grade corundum with a Mohs hardness 9 (diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale). Corundum grains take over operation of the abrasive medium.

Expansion joints of pulverized coal pipeline covered with KRAJ ULTRA

Examples of applications:

  • Pipelines, knees, channels, gutters (for granulated slag), chutes, etc.
  • Cyclones, coal mills, raw mills, cement storage space, etc.
  • Hoppers, pulverized coal pipelines, fan housing, etc.
  • Expansion joints

The material individually tailored to your needs by KRAJ.

Coke screening shelf coated with KRAJ ULTRA