Technology is characterized by lack of loads (mechanical, thermal and chemical) in cut material. Ideal for machining materials, which are not easy workable – unit production, as well as series production.


Parameters of the material which is being cut – maximum thickness is dependent on many factors, eg .: stainless steel can be cut to 150mm, cutting accuracy about 0.1 mm. The width of the cut is about 1 mm.

Estimation of pricing:
The pricing of cutting services depends on many components. For the sake of the highest standards, please send your designs (drawings) in electronic form (AutoCAD, * DWG, DXF *)

Water jet cutting

We have a machine park equipped with specialized CNC machine allowing the production of both large series as well as individual performances. Thanks to our many years of experience, we guarantee the highest level of service at the most difficult works within the deadline.


Why cutting with a stream of water?

  •  The ability to cut a variety of materials
  •  No thermal loads (no changes in the thermal structure of the material)
  •  Environmental compatibility (cutting medium: water and mineral abrasive)
  •  Ability to cut pieces of material very thin or very thick (up to 160mm)
  •  The possibility of cutting the formats 2000 x 4000 mm
  •  The device is controlled by a computer system CAD/CAM
  •  Cutting materials, which are difficult to machine
  •  The possibility of layer cutting
  •  High productivity of the process, depending on the material type and thickness – up to 1  m/min
  •  Small cutting gap 0.84-0.95 mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm
  •  High quality cutting edge (smooth, requiring no further processing edge)

       Which materials can we cut?

  •      plastics (teflon, polyurethane, PVC)
  •      stones (marble, granite, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles)
  •      metals (iron, copper, aluminum, carbon steel, brass)
  •      glass (non-quenched)
  •      rubber, wood, paper, textures, transparencies
  •      heat insulation materials
  •      cutting the elements with applied enamel, lacquer and others
  •      all laminates