Chemical resistant and anti-corrosion coatings

Often in the industry there is a contact of media with aggressive chemicals – this applies to containers of chemicals, trays under containers, steel structures, settling tanks, mixers and many others.

Regeneracja tacy pod zbiornikami kwasu solnego kompozytami KRAJ

Regeneration of trays under the tanks with hydrochloric acid using KRAJ composites.

In our practice, we made dozens of different kinds of maintenance and security, which can fit your expectations. In addition to the experience we have the right equipment (compressor, sand spreader) and measurement & inspection devices recognized by UDT. We have machines that are rarely seen in Poland – Graco Extreme – to apply chemosetting anti-corrosion coatings on large areas- both steel and concretes, which are working in all conditions – also for organic and inorganic chemistry.

Zabezpieczenie antykorozyjne komina kompozytami KRAJ

Corrosion protection of chimney with KRAJ composites.

Experience, the best equipment, responsible materials and technologies guarantee optimal TIME, PRICE AND STABILITY for every customer and cooperator.